Over the past several years, while not yet mainstream, Virtual Reality (VR) has been continually growing in content and viewership. With the recent global events resulting in social-distancing, VR interest has now skyrocketted.

Unlike “normal videos”, VR/360° videos and photos immerse the viewers into the scene and give them a unique sense of “being there” and “living through the experience” rather than just viewing it.

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360° Video and Photo Examples and Information

VR/360° can be used in all aspects of life and business. Businesses can showcase their stores, factories and products in a unique experience. Families can now record and document birthday parties for others that are unable to attend, allowing them to still have the experience of “being there” and sharing in the moment. Weddings can be broadcast and viewed in full 360° video allowing guests that may not be able to otherwise, attend and join in the special occasion.

The possibilities are endless.

We recently added our first 360° camera to our “arsenal” and are now able to help others in capturing and broadcasting the moments to viewers at any corner of the globe as long as they have an internet connection.

If you are interested in seeing how to utilize VR/360° content into your personal or professional events, please use the form below to contact us and discuss your thoughts and ideas.

360° Video Tour for Small Business Owner

Starting at $175
3-5 minute 360° video for your social media / website / YouTube Channel. Great for showcasing your business, facility and products. Includes 45 minutes on-site recording. 

360° 5 Photo Package for Small Business

Starting at $50
5 360° photos for small business owners. Perfect to add to your google business page and Facebook page.

360° Video Recorded Birthday Party

Starting at $75
Capture a birthday party or birthday drive-by parade in 360°. Starting at $75. Prices are reasonable and vary depending upon event type, length, etc.

Custom 360° Video / Photo Project

Price Varies
Event, sports, advertising, real estate, concert & music and more.

***Note: I understand that due to current global conditions, many budgets are tight are this moment. Don’t let that deter you from our services. We can work with bartering, invoicing, payment plans, etc. 

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